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Curiel's work ranges from paintings to multimedia installations that explore the ideas of origin, identity, and transformation. Her current practice focuses on sculptural, sensory altars that mimic human organ-like forms joined by projected video components. The intent of this current body of work is to give power to vulnerability, seeking a way to be known. Living in a school bus mobile home with her musician father and poet mother during her early teenage years has informed her interest in intimacy and unique use of found objects and materials.​

Her work has been exhibited in Austin, TX at ATM Gallery and Big Medium, and her senior thesis work Her Arms Were Made to Hold The Birds was exhibited at the St. Edward’s University Fine Arts Gallery. Curiel gave her first talk, “Feed Me The Remedy: The Evolution of a Naive Artist” at the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) in 2018, and her final thesis presentation “Her Arms Were Made to Hold the Birds: The Body as Altar” in 2019. 

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